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Eg Fausbøll & Co. loves to build and invest in tomorrow’s start-ups, that truly meets peoples or businesses needs or desires. We do it with our own cool ideas, knowledge, ressources and capital



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  Tomorrow's payment-on-time platform for small business
Paypany is tomorrow's payment-on-time sulution for businesses, which ensures that customers pay their invoices - and that they do it on time .

The solution also documents the entire order and payment process. This means that both parties are better off, if a dispute arises .

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Eg Fausbøll & Co. invest in Paypany.com
Eg Fausbøll & Co. invest in tomorrow’s payment-on-time solution. Many companies struggle getting their payments on time. Paypany.com’s solution ensures that customers pay their invoices - and that they do it on time .


Michael Eg Fausbøll
Founder and entrepreneur

  • Started his first company at the age of 14 (e-learning software to primary schools)

  • CEO and founder of denmark’s second-first ad-funded free postcards company,
    distributed to cafe’s in 25 cities around the country (concept known in denmark as GO-cards)

  • CEO and founder of internet company which developed solutions for Danske Bank, ATP, RAMBØLL, Ejendomsforeningen Danmark and more
  • +20 years leadership experiences from some of Denmark’s largest and most innovative companies (Falck, Den Blå Avis, LINDBERG, Jyllands Posten, TDC and CGI Denmark)
  • Founder and the brain behind The Idea Factory (Idefabrikken, Den Blå Avis), which developed new ideas to products and services within Den Blå Avis, and potentially new companies

  • Founder of denmark’s first sharing economy website. Lej-eller-laan.dk was developed from 2005-2007, and launched in 2007

  • Speaker (on peak performance, motivation and change of culture)



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